Heal & Flourish offers a natural and holistic approach to healing and sustainable health and well-being

Welcome to Heal & Flourish! Your journey to healing and healthy body, mind, and spirit begins here.

My name is Lien. I am so passionate about healing and helping others heal because I took this journey myself and fortunately found the ways to heal myself and my loved ones. You can read more about my healing journey.

As a Holistic Therapist, I’m always amazed at what the human body can do. Out of all its complex and extraordinary functions, our body has a miraculous ability to heal and always seeks to return to itself, to a given position of good balance if provided with the right conditions and adequate support.

Do you know the right conditions and adequate support that your body needs to enable it to correct and heal itself?

Heal & Flourish’s philosophy

At Heal & Flourish, I recognise that health and well-being are multi-dimensional. You are not only a physical body, but also a mental, emotional, and spiritual being. For that reason, healing and nourishing your body, mind, and soul should come in many forms.

My approach focuses on 8 Principles:

Heal & Flourish’s approaches

No matter where you are now in your health journey, with my holistic approach, I can help guide you towards a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Starting with Nutrition. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in your physical and mental well-being. Good nutrition is vital to your health at any age. The food you eat fuels you and provides the nutrients your body needs to create energy. It affects not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional state. However, figuring out what you should eat or should not eat can be confusing and overwhelming.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I will guide you in practical and easy steps to make healthier lifestyle choices and eat the right foods that not only restore and maintain balance in your body and mind, but also boost your energy and vitality.

My support, however, is not limited to nutrition and lifestyle habits. As spiritual healer and a yoga teacher, I will help you expand health beyond the physical dimension to get to the root causes of your health issues. I address the underlying causes of chronic illness by tending to the whole person’s well-being rather than isolated parts of your body, or a set of symptoms. My mission is to help you improve and optimise your health and mind-body wellness through the power of innate healing, optimal nutrition, and healthy lifestyle changes to live a much longer, healthier, and happier life.

How can we work together?

Discover how Heal & Flourish can help you heal, transform your energy levels, and optimise your health and mind-body wellness.

Healing with Bioenergetics

  • Assess the body-field by using scanning technology to look for underlying health problem.
  • Incorporate unique device (miHealth) to clear away energy blocks and begin to rejuvenate your energy field.
  • Use liquid remedies (Infoceuticals) to optimise the body-field’s energy levels and information flow so that proper communication takes place.

Nutritional Therapy

  • Individual, personalised nutritional therapy and coaching.
  • 3 “Back To Balance” programmes available offering varying levels of support.
  • Food for body mind online education

Holistic lifestyle coaching

  • Individual coaching or group sessions
  • Holistic lifestyle coaching
  • Stress, burn out & other mental health workshops

Healing Therapy

  • Individual healing therapy that helps clear blockages in the energy field, revitalising mind & body

What makes Heal & Flourish different?

  • Offers science-based natural solutions for healing combining the best of both worlds, the technological advancement of the West and ancient Eastern wisdom.
  • Helps build a strong connection between body, mind, spirit as the three inseparable components in your healing journey and your overall wellbeing.
  • Overhauls the multi-dimensional aspects of your health to address the root causes of your ailments.
  • Provides access to a ground-breaking technology which can analyse your body field using either the sound of your voice or the touch of a finger on a scanner. So no matter where you are in the world, you can view a detailed analysis of your energy field in just seconds.
  • Incorporates different advanced technologies (fast-detailed-accurate bioenergetic assessment, bioelectric device, liquid remedies) to find the root causes of your energy blockages and develop actionable strategies to support your body’s innate self-healing ability.
  • Provides a deeper dive into the whole picture of your health and provides direct and personalised support that you need.

What clients say about Heal & Flourish

“I had a serious fall from the stair the other night. As a result, 3 of my ribs were broken. After 6 weeks I had to go through a surgery due to complication. It had taken much more time than I thought. I had so much pain! The pain ran from my shoulder, down to my ribcage and to my left hand as well. In short, whatever I’ve tried to release the pain, from taking rest, taking pills, to light workout guided by a professional trainer, all of that did not work.

I finally contacted Lien to try out the bioenergetics therapy offer that she had proposed a while ago. I was curious indeed as that was the first time I heard about bioenergetics, and I did not know what to expect during the first therapy session.  She first scanned my body-field, reviewed the result with me, and then used miHealth device running through different areas where I had pain. After the first treatment, the pain from my left hand and part of my arm was gone at that night. Unbelievable!

After a few more sessions, the pain from other areas was also gone, except the damaging area that still needed a bit more time to heal. That area has now been recovered from exercise as well.

Many thanks to Lien for the treatment! I would highly recommend her service. Scan your body-field as well because you will learn a lot more about the state of your body and mind through the scan!

What’s more, the scan result provides you with helpful insights on how to be healthier (“you have to do the work, of course!”).”   

“Nadat ik van een keukentrapje was gevallen en 3 ribben had gebroken, moest ik na 6 weken geopereerd worden vanwege een complicatie. Het herstel duurde flink langer dan ik had verwacht en ik bleef veel last hebben van pijn, die uitstraalde van de schouder/ribbenkast tot in mijn linkerhand. Kortom het schoot niet op. Lien had al eerder aangeboden om te kijken of zij kon helpen, maar dat kwam er niet van. Uiteindelijk toch een afspraak gemaakt, want ook met rustig  -begeleid- trainen ging de pijn niet over. Ik had eigenlijk geen idee wat me te wachten stond, was vooral benieuwd hoe en wat ze zou gaan doen, en wat het effect zou zijn. Na de eerste behandeling was in de avond de pijn uit mijn hand en gedeeltelijk uit de arm weg, ongelofelijk! Daarna nog een aantal keren geweest, waarna de pijn zo goed als weg was, op de plek waar de beschadiging zat bleef het nog wel, maar dat was te verwachten omdat het nog verder moest genezen. Inmiddels weer opgebouwd met sporten en het gaat steeds beter. Veel dank aan Lien voor de behandeling! Ook een aanrader als je wat meer over de toestand van je lijf en geest wil weten, de testen geven stof tot nadenken en richting aan de oplossing daarvoor (je moet er wel zelf ook mee aan de slag!).”

M. Meijering – The Netherlands

Recently I met Lien from Heal & Flourish. She first helped me do a body-field scan through a hand-scanner. Through the scan result, she provided me with lots of insights about my energy field and how that linked to my health status.

I went from surprise to surprise, understanding how trauma and unresolved childhood experiences that have sabotaged my health. Through the scan result, I could, not only see where the blockages and distortions in the flow of energy were happened but also could learn how were my current diet and vitamin level.  What a beautiful and powerful scan! Now I know what steps to take to improve my health thanks to this scan report.

She also used a bioelectric device for my acute pain. This wonderful device helped clear my energetic blockages and stimulate my body’s natural healing process.

Recent kennisgemaakt met Lien van Heal and Flourish. Door middel van een handscanner geeft zij inzicht in je gezondheid. Dat geeft altijd verassingen. De gedetailleerde hoofdstukken gaan tot en met vitamine niveau, maar ook over erfelijke en opvoedings-belasting die sporen heeft achtergelaten in onze gezondheid. Wat een prachtig en mooi inzicht geeft zij op een eenvoudige wijze in je gezondheid. Bij acute klachten wordt door middel van elektro stimulatie de blokkade in je lijf geholpen om te herstellen zodat de natuurlijke genezing zijn gang kan gaan.
Met haar rapport en tips kan ik zelf stappen nemen om mijn gezondheid te ondersteunen.”

H. Niewold – The Netherlands

In my late 40s, I began to pay special attention to my health as I was alarmed to become a regular and medicine-dependent customer of the hospital. Also, I always feel unpleasant when my beloved ones worry and sacrifice their time looking after an unhealthy me. I am very fortunate to meet Lien van Gogh. She coached me on how to activate my “whole body intelligence”, to take care of myself with healthy meal components, to change lifestyle following her holistic approach.

I got the first energy scan with NES by recording my voice for 5 seconds. Detailed body energy information on the report brought me understanding of the root causes of my physical symptoms and short attention span. From a bioenergy perspective, I learned why I have gained weight steadily over years, frequently experience shortness of breath, bloating periodically, hair loss, skin pigmentation, tired eyes, etc. Besides, Lien explained how the parts of the body are interconnected and affect each other. Thanks to both, I could envision my healing journey which should rely on whole body healing, not just localised medical treatment of the problematic body part. The results of the body scan also visualised my emotional blockages, such as anxiety and stress, which may silently cause damage to my body, and helped me identify the habits that create unknown physical and mental harms or toxins. 

I am very happy and reassured that I have full information from the NES body scanning results as if I could look deeply into the energy of my body and mind. Only then can I be proactive and ready for the journey of health purification and healing. I appreciated it when Lien thoroughly reviewed my blood test results, combined with the NES scanning information, to create an action plan that I could change my eating habits and routines step-by-step. After just 1+ month of starting, I was able to feel that my body system worked healthier inside, more energy and balance outside. Though I know that the upcoming journey will be much longer, I am very confident because NES body scanning can inform me about my health anytime I wish. This journey is absolutely the lifestyle I would like to lead from now on.”

M. Nguyen – Vietnam

“Greetings Lien and many thanks for everything – I very much appreciate how helpful you have been. I appreciate the insights and inspiration received through the assessment report and your website. I really like your life story and approach to healing and well-being and wish you all the best for your further journey – may you and ‘Heal & Flourish’ keep thriving and helping others to bloom too. You are a wonderful gift to the world – take care and shine on!”

R. Sulla – Slovakia

How a therapy consultation works?

Your healing journey starts with 3 easy steps:

  1. Book your FREE introductory 20 minutes call (optional).
  2. Book an appointment for the services that you choose.
  3. After the payment has been made, you will receive:
    • a confirmation about your booking.
    • a personal link to access your online portal where you can login and scan immediately (only for the Bioenergetic Assessment or the “Back To Balance” programmes).
    • a separate online intake form (only for the “Back To Balance” programme).

Where the therapy consultations take place?

Online via Zoom video conference: You will need a good internet connection and mobile or computer with a webcam and a private place to talk. A personal Zoom link will be attached to your booking confirmation. If you have not used zoom before, the software will automatically download when you click on the link.


At Heal & Flourish’s location: 280 Rijksstraatweg, 2025DN, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

“Let’s HEAL your body, mind , so your soul can FLOURISH”

Lien van gogh

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