My healing journey

Hello! My name is Lien van Gogh. I am a Nutritional Therapist – SNHS Dip. Distinction (Holistic Nutrition), a certified NES Health Bioenergetics Practitioner, a certified yoga teacher, a holistic life coach, and a spiritual healer.

It was my own healing journey that was the catalyst for me creating Heal & Flourish. Since childhood till late thirties, I had many health issues of my own, asthma, eczema, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, and familial rheumatoid arthritis. Taking medication or ignoring my body’s signals was how I dealt with my health problems at first. But medical drugs could not heal me, the medicine only managed or suppressed my symptoms but never got into the root causes of my health conditions, let alone the side effects. Ignoring what my body was trying to tell me was just damaging me further. This struggle had been ongoing for years, I was disconnected from my body’s inner wisdom and interfered with its natural healing process.

I began searching for other alternative approaches.

Nutritional Therapy

My journey with Holistic Nutrition began in 2013 following the move from Vietnam to Germany and then to the Netherlands with my husband and 2 young children. Having young children, I have come to realise the incredible importance of the foods we eat. Where our food comes from, how it’s grown, and its impact on our health and planet. I started learning to cook food from scratch and creating a wide variety of delicious, healthy, and wholesome meals for my family. It did not take very long for me to find out that my passion for food went beyond just cooking. As “food is medicine”, I wanted to learn about nutrients and healing properties of food. And most of all, I wanted to heal myself and people around me.

In 2018, I started to train as a Nutritional Therapist through the School of Natural Health Sciences in the UK, earning my Advanced Diploma with Distinction. I also completed two other diplomas specialising in Child & Adolescent Nutrition and Life Coaching.

Learning about nutritional science and natural health has given me a stronger conviction to continue to pursue my holistic wellness education because it was clear to me that most of health problems are prevented and reversed with food and lifestyle shifts.

Yoga/Meditation & Spiritual path

I have been practicing yoga since my teenage years. I however was mainly interested in the physical aspect of the practice in the beginning. Much later in life, I realised there had been a whole world of profound knowledge and ancient wisdom about yoga and spirituality that I had been missing out on.

In 2016, I decided to deepen my study and practice by completing my 200HRS yoga teacher training program and became a certified Hatha yoga teacher through Delight Yoga in Amsterdam. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to study and practise with many experienced yoga and spiritual teachers around the world. I have learned in-depth the physical practice of yoga, philosophy, anatomy, different techniques of pranayama (breath work), meditation, kriyas (detox), energy, and subtle body.

With a deep understanding of yoga and its related disciplines, I felt drawn to mind-body practices which were natural and holistic in nature. That was how I came into spiritual healing.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to learn different healing techniques with Sri Avinash and completed a Great Healer Masterclass with him in 2021. Though this is my new journey, I felt I was totally on the path I was meant to be on, and I am passionate about continuing to practice my healing with him.

My spiritual path has ultimately led me back to my own soul, to discovering who I have been all along. This was when I started connecting all the dots and solved my health puzzle using the mind-body practices.

Through this journey, not only have I healed myself, but I have also gotten to a point where I want to help others heal and learn how to nourish themselves.

The COVID pandemic has taught me important lessons in love, gratitude, resilience, self-care, and life values. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own journey towards finding my true purpose. Deep inside, I feel the urge to follow my heart.

Early 2022, I decided to leave behind my 22-plus year career as an HR professional and set up Heal & Flourish with one overarching mission in mind – to help you find your way to restore and maintain a balanced state of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health & well-being. I am a strong believer that magic happens where passion and purpose intersect.

At our core we are all the same, we strive for good health, happiness, and most of all love. I welcomely invite you to work with me on a journey of nurturing yourself back into equilibrium, wholeness, and happiness.

If you are ready to start your journey with me, just drop me a line or book your FREE initial 20 minute consultation!