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Yoga practice either indoors or outdoors has its own unique benefits. If you have never practiced yoga outside before, this is the time. Practicing yoga outside in nature will add extra dimension to your practice experience and has positive effects on your health. Here are specific benefits of practicing yoga outdoors.

  • Optimising the exchange of energy between you and your environment.
  • You will inhale better quality oxygen which is the best way to revitalise your lungs, your heart, and your brain.
  • You will replenish your microbiome.
  • Being surrounded by nature and moving your body with breath offer an enhanced opportunity to heal.
  • You will recharge from the Sun and replenish depleted energy.
  • You will feel more grounded and balanced.
  • You will feel more connected to Nature and the Earth’s healing frequency.

So why wait? If you live in Haarlem or surrounding areas, come join me in my outdoor YOGA activities this summer.

Breath work – Yoga – Swimming
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Are you yoga lovers and do enjoy the freshness of the early morning?
Then join me for 1 hour of pranayama & yoga at this beautiful Oosterplas lake – the ideal place to reconnect to yourself and nature.
The best part of this session is that you can jump right into the water afterward.

No worries if you are beginner. As a certified yoga teacher I can show you some basic techniques.
You don’t need to bring your mat, but your swimsuit if you want to swim after the session.

Everyone is welcome to join!

  • Location: Oosterplas, Kennemerduinen
  • When: Saturday, 2 July 2022 at 8:30AM
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: No charge!
  • Meet up point: Bicycle parking place – Oosterplas
  • If you want to join, then click “going” on Facebook page
Vinyasa Flow in Schoterbos

Practicing Vinyasa Flow in nature is the best way to help you develop a stronger mind-body connection, build up strength and flexibility. Through the practice, you will learn how to immerse yourself in the flow state and surrender control.

Join me and have fun with the flows!

  • Location: Schoterbos
  • When: Saturday, 9 July 2022 at 8:30AM
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Meet up point: Children playground – Schoterbos
  • Cost: €10/pp
  • If you want to join, then click “going” on Facebook page

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